Help! My birds are dying!

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    Saturday night we had a lethargic hen. She didn't want to move, her comb was folded and balance was off. By morning she was gone. I did a necropsy on her yesterday and the only thing I noticed was an inflamed deep yellow liver.
    This morning I found another one dead, almost suspended in time on a perch in front of a nesting bucket. Stiff as a board. We have (or had) an extremely healthy flock. No one has mites or lice. I have 150 laying hens and 150 3 week old chicks in the same barn. I'm now very concerned about an epidemic.
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    Feb 29, 2016
    my husband is a md...he says its a virus.
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    Yellow livers can be caused by Coccidiosis. Cocci kills fast. I would get your birds on Corid immediately. Cocci is a protazoa that all birds carry around in the intestinal tract. However if they become over loaded with it, the birds lose the ability to control it. Cocci causes them to go off all food and water and pretty much starve to death. Sometimes there is blood in the poop, sometimes not. The intestines will hemorage as well. You can get Corrid or something with Amprolium at most feed stores.

    They only other thing that might cause yellow livers is fatty liver disease. Too much fat in the diet. However I doubt all of them would die all at once.
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