HELP my bluebell chicken has layed the biggest first egg ever, but is still poorly


Aug 13, 2016
NEED SOME ADVICE, I have 4 chickens in total, only had them for 4 weeks all approx 20 weeks old, 1 was already laying (white star) 2 started last week, but my bluebell(not laying) started to look poorly yesterday, not much energy, feathers out etc and today she has laid her first egg, but it is the biggest egg i have ever seen, she seams a bit better now its finally out, but still not her grumpy old self, has anybody else has this with their chickens, im just hoping she doesnt have another one stuck, she is eating small amounts and drinking, so is it just a case of she will be ok in a day or so, thanks

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The giant egg could have really taken the stuffing out of her. It takes a lot of work for a hen to produce an egg so an oversized one will have taken even more and especially as she is a new layer. I've not had giant eggs but I have a hen who has laid a couple of soft shell eggs and it seems to upset her untill the egg is out. My thinking is when their egg laying machine is not in full working order it makes them off colour, in general after a couple of days she has been fine and back to normal.


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As long as she is eating, drinking, pooping, and fairly active...I'd not panic.
Would be a good idea to get a good look at her vent and feel her abdomen for anything obviously out of whack.

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