Help! my chick got attacked by an older chicken

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    Jul 16, 2011
    I went out to cheak on my chickens and i heard my broody frizzle making a lot of weird noices so i went to cheak on her and i seen my 3 month old frizzle some how got over the fence and was in the the broodys frizzles nest and the broody frizzle was trying to attack my 3 month old so i moved the broody hen to the other side for a while. Then i took out the 3 month old and seen the the broody hen had peaked out all her feathers on her head and some under her chin. I took the 3 month old in the house in the chicken nursery lol (shes eating and drinking fine she just seems scared) but i was woundering what i can do so she does get an infection? And will she die?[​IMG] I dont want her to die shes my favorite:'(

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    I don't think she'll die. It's probably just an issue with the pecking order - the broody is just showing her dominance. My Delaware girls do the same thing to my 3 month olds - they're missing feathers on the neck, etc. But I think the birds will eventually work it out on their own.

    An infection is only possible if the skin has been broken and is bleeding. I don't think your chick is at risk. [​IMG]
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    Jul 25, 2011
    Its the pecking order and whe chickens are broody they need to sort things out so leaving to fight (Its awful, i know) is probably best. She might seemed scared but when she grows up she'll get used to the pecking order. She shouldn't die but if she gets an infection first try her with yoghurt through a syringe but she will probably eat it as you said she still eats. The yoghurt will help fight the bacteria infection if your worried about her take her to the vets and they will give you anti-biotics! Chickens are tough creatures so if she gets an infection she should be fine! :)
    Hope she's ok.
    Daisy. xx

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