Help my chick has a green tounge


Dec 30, 2019
Sandy springs Atlanta Georgia USA
Today I just got my shipment of three Chicks from Meijer Hatchery I was checking out one as it seems sort of lethargic and we opened its mouth and its tongue was green I tried rubbing my finger up against the tongue and I found green stuff on my finger what is this how does it get there and is this normal.
Grogel, a green gel that contains moist vitamins and electrolytes, and sometimes sent in with the chicks, might have caused that. I would dip each chick’s beak in water for a drink and into food to show them where it is.
How are they doing? Are they eating and drinking? Here is what Grogel looks like, and it could be possible that they were fed this at the hatchery I suppose:

Do you have any SaveAChick electrolytes, Poultry NutriDrench, or Pedialyte to give to the chick? I would encourage it to drink often. A tsp of sugar in a cup of water would be good as well. Check it’s butt to make sure it doesn’t have stuck poop (pasty butt.) Some chicks may get cold in shipping and may suffer shipping stress. Symptoms can be lethargy, pasty butt, and they can die. Hopefully you can save the chick. I would offer some feed mixed with water onto it’s beak and dip it’s beak into watsr.

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