help! my Chicken cannot hold herself up


Sep 23, 2019
My chicken is a bantam about a week ago I noticed she was starting to limp. my older chicken had been attacking her and she was jumping down from the perch which had also hurt her leg. but it was fine she could still walk then all of a sudden she just started to deteriorate now its both legs and she cant even stand up everytime she tries she does the splits like her legs are on either side of her. i cant feel any broken bones. if she tries to stand she falls down and rolls around and sometimes she rolls onto her back and cant get up. I have isolated her from the others and she just sits there most of the day. its not getting any better. she is eating and drinking fine and her poo is fine aswell. she tries so hard to get up but she just cant stand straight on them. she is not paralysed she has movement in her legs but its like her muscles are weak and she cant hold herself up.

she is extremely sad and i fear she might die from sadness. please help. any ideas for what i could do?

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