Help!! My chicken got attacked by a hawk and having breathing problems

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    Mar 3, 2015
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    My sweet Priscilla got attacked by a hawk but we saw it happen and ran out to grab her. She lost a lot of feathers, but the worst seems to be by her nose and eyes. She is bleeding a little by her eyes and nose and seems to be having s hard time breathing through her nose. This is the first time anything has ever happened to our girls and we have no idea what to do!! I don't think our vet takes chickens!
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    Try to keep the blood on her face from flowing into her nose. That might be the main cause of her breathing troubles. And stress on top of that - she is probably really freaking out. If she keeps breathing through her mouth, then there might be something wrong.

    Do you think that the hawk caused any damage to her abdomen or neck? The first thing that poped into my head was a punctered air sac. Is there any "tiny balloon" thing under the skin on her throat or under her wing?

    Hope she gets better!

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