Help! My chicken is filthy!!!

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So my favorite chicken, Jake, is a mess. Girls are nearly eight weeks old and I've been letting them run around the yard with supervision. Even though they have a tub of nice, clean sand to bathe in, Jake decided to scratch a clearing in the mulch of a planting bed and go nutso in the dirt. She is a buff orpington and looks a fright.

I know they don't like water, but can I give her a bath in warm water to clean her off?

One of the chickens accidentally jumped into the pool (onto the shallow step area, so she was fine) and seemed to dry quickly in the sun. Would really like to clean Jake up. These chickens are kept in very clean conditions and are otherwise immaculate.

Insight appreciated!
Sometimes when my chickens are dirty I bathe them, just don't do it too often. I use kitten, puppy, and ferret shampoo, shampoo used for humans is too strong for chickens ( it applies to ferrets so I assume it's the same for chickens.) Here are some pages from Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens about how to bathe your chickens and dry them off.

Thanks so much! I have Storey's Guide and didn't even think to check there... duh. Appreciate the help :)
They should put "Bathing" in the index... only way I found that section was from your pics!

Edit: It is in the index, under "Washing"
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