Help! My chicken is injured by pecking or has a disease.


5 Years
May 9, 2014
Bridgeport, CA
My 10.5 week Ameraucana is injured on her back. I think she was pecked by another older chicken in our flock unless someone knows that this is a specific disease. I am merging the new chicks in with older ones and one chicken is relentless with attacking the new ones. I keep hoping it will let up and I thought everyone had come to an agreement but today I found this.

Is there a way to treat it? Neosporin? Essential Oils? Will her feathers grow back? What else should I do?

Yes, you may put neosporin WITHOUT the pain reliever on it. The feathers will eventually grow back in. Is this the only one with feather loss? Do you have a rooster? Check for mites/lice too. You may want to cage the one causing the problem for a couple days, where it can see this one, but can't get to it. That sometimes solves the problem. I also try to put an obstacle or two, like a couple hay bales in the run/coop, so the younger ones can hide. Make sure you have more than one feeder/waterer, as the bully will try keeping others away from the food, and water. You might want to get a couple small cans of cat food, and give them a little bit as a treat for a few days.
No other feather loss. We do not have a rooster either. No lice or mites. What I think happened is yesterday when I was out, the coop door accidentally closed locking about 5 chickens inside for a couple of hours. I think my mean bird took advantage of the situation not to mention she was mad to be cooped up. I will try to separate her from the rest. That is a good plan. Thanks!

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