Help! My chicken is wheezing


Jul 26, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
My hen 5 months old in a flock of 7. Recently most of them have started laying eggs. They roam free in the yard and have always been happy and fine. Today I noticed she was making a bit of a wheezing sound with a motion that looked as if she was dry heaving. She won't move on her own but will move if you force her to. She won't drink anything either. We have had plenty of water out for them today. We live in Arizona and it's hot out but their conditions aren't terrible. I don't know what to do or how to help. All the other hens went into their coop and she just laid outside. Finally she walked up and went in but is just laying at the entry with her head out still making those weird motions and breathing sounds. Help!
Greetings from Kansas and :welcome. Great to have you with us. Sorry to hear about your sick chicken. Could be a lot of things. You might try posting here for some help. Best of luck to you and I hope she gets better soon!

Thanks! I just posted it there. I'm new to the chicken thing but they've become pets to us and I would hate for anything to happen to her. I looked up symptoms of a scorpion sting and she's got the same things others have posted after theirs have been stung. I tried Benadryl but she spit it all out and started shaking her head and acting even more strange. We'll see. Thanks!
Hi and welcome to BYC - fingers crossed for your chicken.

Best wishes

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