HELP, my chicken is wheezing!

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    Apr 30, 2008
    I whent to put the chickens out and the last one out was a large black silky, she is having trouble breathing, it sounds like wheezing, but she was acting like herself and doesn't seem to be having any other problems, what should i do?
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    CrasySilkiechick I was posting same question and saw you have one with same issue:

    I hope some one here has an answer for us

    Anyone got a good cure or treatment for a chicken that is whezzing?? I have her in ICU (a pet carrier in the greenhouse and / storage area)and she has a warm bed of straw of her own, vitamin enriched water and food. No one else in the coop has this signs or trouble. [​IMG] She seems to be gasping as she breaths sometimes, but has been whezzing for a few days now, [​IMG] [​IMG] last week I noticed she was whistling as she breathed, and now she whezzes. She still gave me an egg yesterday. [​IMG]

    Any suggestions are welcome [​IMG]

    Thanks [​IMG] Karan
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    Jun 29, 2008
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    Here Silkiechick the gang on the Crochet Chat thread had the answer for us give it a try Karan

    Quote:When I brought those silkies home early this winter I had one that was doing that and I believe it was SE told me to use Apple cider vinegar and garlic cloves in the water. It worked.

    THANKS [​IMG] Chix [​IMG] I remember that since ya mentioned it [​IMG] Yes I will mix her up some now and then put some Apple cider vinegar in the waterer in the coop too just to make sure. Thanks You gals are Great. SE you are a wonder [​IMG]

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