Help, my chicken just lost her top beak!


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Upstate South Carolina
So, I woke up this morning to find that a newly introduced full grown hen into my flock of 11 hens had her top beak totally torn or ripped off! I don't see any remains of it, but the bottom beak is fully intact. She didn't want to comb out of her nest-I'm sure scared to death- and would not peck at food when I presented it to her. What do I do? Do I isolate her or let her try to establish her bottom "pecking order" which is very evident. Will she still be able to eat and drink? Will the beak grow back? I just don't know what is the best thing for her right now.
I will appreciate any helpful suggestions. Thank you!
As much as I hate telling you this, your best option is to put her down as quickly and humanely as possible. While beak can be trimmed to lessen damage to other birds, they still need both a top and bottom beak to eat.
is the whole top gone or is there still a little bit left ( like a ripped fingernail)
i had a rooster who was fighting through a fence and tore his off but there was a little left.... in about 4 months you couldn't even tell he had hurt did grow back
do you have a pic?
Omg the poor thing, I hate to say it but she is not going to be able to eat or drink and prob should be put down....SO sad
she looks no worse than the one i had that grew back...
is there any way you can trim the bottom ( very gradually) to make it a little more even.
you may have a house chicken for a bit as she may need help eating for a couple weeks.
i say this doesn't have to turn out bad...
I had one that lost his top beak pretty close to that amount. I trimmed the bottom one a little bit to even up (bit Be Careful and do not trim to the quick-you can see the shading if you trim with pet nail clippers in good light, then file gently with emory on edges to point). I put some ambisol on the chopped off area to ease pain and made him a mash and handfed for a day or two and then he was able to eat a soft mash of crumbles by himself. It did grow back. He had sliced his on a stainless steel feeder. I will NEVER use those!

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