Help! My chicken swallowed a hair rubberband.


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Jan 9, 2009
My 3 year-old fed my 1 year old barred rock hen a purple, elastic hair tie. So far she seems okay (it happened late yesterday afternoon). Is there anything I should watch for? Will she digest it or will it become entangled in her intestines? I'd love some helpful advice, as we love these birds!
My chcicken swallowed a hair rubberband w/o metal. Did your chicken end up passing it OK??? Please help.

Your chicken should be OK. It will probably get ground up in the gizzard. You could give it some diced bread dipped in olive oil, it might help move things along.
Chickens eat all sorts of odd things.

Imp- Good luck
Thanks for the fast responses! I do apprecite it very much.

Really? The rubberband will get ground up!? It isn't just a straight up rubberband it is the woven kind for pulling your hair back. Forgive me if I am niave in this matter, but I feel like it wouldn't be possible for such a sturdy thing to get ground up. Wouldn't it come out whole???
The gizzard is a strong muscle filled with "grit" ie stones. So it will chew up anything that passes through it. How much it will get ground up I guess depends on the chicken and how long it stays in the gizzard. If it passes whole, so much the better.
I haven't read many or any posts saying.

My chicken passed a:

styrofoam blocks,
broken glass, plastic,
bones, seeds, jewelry

Good luck,


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