Help! My chicken was attacked and injured!

Gina Maria

Jul 20, 2016
Hello! My Rooster was just attacked by our Rott, I found him lying in the woods, missing tons of feathers and bloody. He has a couple of puncture wounds and skin missing. I carried him to the house, tried washing his wounds with water the best I could, put neosporin on him and wrapped him with a loose gauze. (almost his entire back is featherless, some skin missing and bloody but not "bleeding" if that makes sense) He is still breathing and can lift his head, but he will not stand up. I'm not sure what to do! I'm heartbroken, he is a beautiful 6 month old rooster who is so kind. What do I do for him? He won't drink or eat. It's been about 3 hours since this happened. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!
Time will tell if he will recover. Keep him in a quiet place with food and water. They can look pretty bad, but recover fine within a few weeks. As long as he didn't suffer internal injuries, he may be fine. Keep trying to offer him some fluids, and some chopped egg or tuna, and a little yogurt for probiotics.
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Yes! I have some plain yogurt! Thank you for the help! I will keep trying to get water in him too. I am praying he pulls through this!

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