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I am a new chicken backyard raiser. I have 15ck and 2 roosters. I started noticing that my chickens were sleeping alot. One is foaming saliva and cant open his eyes. The others that I have quarantined are sleeping eyes are open saliva coming out but are not as sick as the others. I asked the vet. He gave me some antibiotics but said he didnt knw much about ckens. Please help I just bought worm meds to give today. I wasnt aware I had to worm them.. Any ideas why are they all of a sudden ill.. I want to turn over the ground can I do that and pour bleach rack it thru put pine shavings over will that help the infestation or will the bleach hurt them. I really need some advice. My kids love these ckens. What am I doing wrong????
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I posted it in the emergencies. Seems I have a respiratory problem going on. Really ****** someone would sell me a diesaed bird. These are my animals I have grown to love them and now they are dying or look it. Will give update. Thanks for ur concern
So sorry! If your birds are from several sources, or a source that has infected birds, you do have a big problem. I hope that tetracycline or tylosine can help. Consider a call to your state veterinary school or path lab to find a poultry expert, and have testing done to identify the problem before you bring in any more birds, or spread this to other flocks. Good luck, Mary
Thanks.I hope I can get rid of it. I have cleaned the cage. Put dwn pine shavings. Seperated sick flock. Got worm meds smt zmp antibiotics from vet(not working). Gonnna get the other meds everyone suggest tomorrow. Hope it helps. I dnt knw wht else to do if it dnt. Will give an update.
Sadly, your best option may be having testing done on sick/ dying birds. With a diagnosis you can have a plan. also check with your county extension office, if you aren't close to the vet school. Mary
I think you need to call your vet and ask him for Baytril. SMZ/TMP is a good drug, but Baytril would be better.

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