Help, my chicks sleeping in nesting boxes....


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I thought I read it all, but apparently not enough... When I built my coop/run I might have made a mistake. I put the roosts 2 feet off the ground, with the nesting boxes above that at about 4 feet, ladder for easier access and small welcome perch to easy entry. The problem is now my chickens are sleeping in the nesting boxes. What can I do? My coop only has 3-1/2 walls, so I wonder if they are in the corner, cause they are cold? Nights have been a little windy. Or because they want to be up higher. I realize now I should have put the nests and the roosts at the same level, opposite walls. But before I read don't put anything higher than the nests, because you don't want them pooping in the nests. Since I can't move the nesting boxes at this point, and because of the structure I can't really move the roosts either.... What can I do? Do I put a nesting box or 2 on the floor? Bummer as my little cut outs for easy egg picking won't work, but want to keep my girls happy and my eggs clean. Or do I simply need to close up the 1/2 wall? All comments appreciated....



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Hello Nancy-

There are a few things you can do to deter the chickens from sleeping in the nest boxes: First, after dark, go outside and pick them up and place them on the roosts. You could also cover the entrances of the nesting boxes with something at dusk, just before they go in for the night.

Now, is your coop always open? or can you put a little door or something on that half wall to close it up at night? I'm not sure of your climate, but they could be chilled, or a predator might get them........

Good luck to you! Building a coop is definitely a learning process....I'm still learning too.



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Uhhh.. the rule is never put the nests higher than the roosts.

The nest boxes should be covered so no poop from the roosts falls into them. Nests can be floor level. You just have to use slanted tops or insert them through the wall so there's no "top" inside the coop for anybody to roost upon.

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