Help! My dog killed a chicken


Feb 21, 2020
My dogs are fenced in at home, and my chickens are on my property almost always. If one of my birds visits the neighbor's, and is killed by their dog, it's my fault for having the bird over there.
We all work to keep our animals where they belong, on our own property. If some critter escapes and does harm, we pay up. If there's an unauthorized visitor, and that critter is damaged, it should have been at home.
Out here in the 'boonies', we just can't have cattle, horses, dogs, or whatever wandering everywhere at will. That includes poultry.
Thank you, it’s such a bummer because I really liked the chickens! We rent do updating the fencing probably is not high up on the list, but my dog has never gotten out, but she had also never looked twice at the chickens are cared about them at all. So I guess you never really know! We are outside city limits but still city like with houses all very close together. So the chickens are usually in about 5 of our yards lol
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