Help! My duck has seizures, and the tips of the wings are bleeding! Any advice!?


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May 28, 2012
I don't know much about ducks or chickens (I'm still learning). I own 12 laying hens and 4 ducks. One of my ducks seems to be having seizures and every morning the tips of his wings seem to be bleeding. He's not normal, and he twitches. He acts like he doesn't know what to do. What should I do, please help!!
I am going to guess that the ducks are being fed chicken food.

And that is almost okay. But ducks, especially some ducks, need three times the niacin in chick food, or they have serious nervous system trouble, like you are seeing.

Put 100 to 150 mg of niacin (not the timed release or no flush kind, just straight niacin) in each gallon of water for the ducks. It should not hurt the chickens, but many people serve water separately to the chickens and ducks.

In the meantime, if you have some unsalted sardines, mash up about a tablespoon of that and feed it to him. It has niacin in it, and ducks often like fish. And if his poop smells strong afterward, don't worry, that's the protein. You don't want to give too much protein, but if he is having seizures and you cannot get the niacin right away, the sardines would help, also worms and slugs would help.

A sprinkling of brewer's yeast on their food once a day also provides niacin, and is how many people do it.

Another item . . . poultry vitamins, with electrolytes and probiotics. Those are good to have on hand, and give once a week or two to the flock . . . all of them.

Glad you found the Duck Forum.


Please keep us posted and give more information about how long this has been happening, what you are feeding, anything else you can tell us about your flock.

Added: wing tips bleeding may be from new feathers coming in, or chickens pecking at the duck.
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Any update on the original post? Did you decide that the bleeding wings were due to hitting things with his/her wings? What course of action was taken for the seizures? Thank you.

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