help! my duck is bleeding!


10 Years
Aug 5, 2009
I was in the shower when my sister comes in saying that clyde is bleeding so i hop out (hence the towel, sorry *wink*) and she brings him inside and i don't know what to do so i'm asking you guys.
it's practically on the tip of his wing. i think that maybe he lost or broke a feather and it's bleeding, but i don't know. he was exploring new parts of the yard today that should be duck-safe, but what if he found something? i sent my sister to look and she said she found some wire sticking out and she thinks that he flew out of his water bucket and caught his wing feather (that she found) in the wire and it tore out. but i thought i saw some skin torn up...
i just got him about a month ago and i'm not sure what to do for first aid for a duck. please help me quickly! stop the bleeding, but how? a bandaid won't stay...i have some stuff that stops bleeding if you cut your dogs nails too short, it's a powder, should i put that on it?


He should be fine, probably just plucked or broke a feather. make sure he's carrying it normally though.

i had a crested pekin with a HUGE gash in the 'bump', i put some Pulvex(or use bag balm) on it and it healed up in a week....did the same for another scratch down her back.

it was a BIG, DEEP gash too. he should be fine., don't freak yourself out.

ETA: just wash it of and put some of what i said or antibiotic stuff on it if you're worried.
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okay, i did the bag balm thing, i hope that stops it bleeding. i still can't quite tell if the blood is coming from a feather or from a cut. that's why i'm worried, cuz we did find some loose wire by the fence where he was...
fix the wire so no one else gets hurt, but he should be fine. my girl continued to bleed a little for a couple days after but the bag balm helps to put sort of a 'seal' over the cut, or open area.

it should slow down soon.

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