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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FANK, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Apr 6, 2015
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    I have 4 male Pekin ducks. They were the last four ducklings at Tractor supply about 6 months ago. They have a nice little life in my backyard with my chickens and goats. As ya'll probably know, they always stick together. Here and there they would gang up on one but then be together again. For a week now, they have completely ousted the one duck. They will not let him near them and will literally go out of their way to chase him. He is alone all the time now and just watches them from afar. We never connected with them enough for them to let us hold them so we really can't do much for him except feed him separately. It's so sad and it's cold outside now so I don't want him to have to keep sleeping by himself. Please tell me if you've experienced this or what you suggest I should do! I really don't want to give him away.
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    @FANK Where do the sleep at night? try putting some kind of barrier inside so the ducks are separated but can still see one another. Plastic poultry fence works well for this I use it to keep my old drake from being pick on by the other drake and geese I have. You could also try putting the group in 2's see if you can figure out who is the least aggressive and put him with the ousted drake. This happens sometimes especially if you have a dominant drake and the others just follow his lead, but this can really play havoc with the one being bullied to the point of sickness or death from stress. Years ago when I befriended 3 Muscovy drakes from the river not knowing anything at all about ducks other than they were pretty One of the drakes killed another and broke my heart because they were at the river when it happened and I couldn't get to them to stop it . I don't think this happens alot but I don't know for sure because I don't have access to other drakes to see. I do know that constant stress can play a huge factor in their health though. I hope you can try soem of these ideas and something works. Poor drake I hate it when things like this happen.

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