Help! My ducks are isolating one duck, is she okay?


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Nov 4, 2015
I have 7 ducklings that are 6 weeks old females. Just yesterday 6 of them have all started to run away from 1 of the ducks. They won't let her near them for anything and sometimes they chase her away if she happens to be close. They have always all gotten along well as a group and the one they are isolating is a nice one.

Do they sense something that is causing them to isolate her? Could she be sick? Did she do something to offend them all as a group? These are my first ducks and I am worried about her. I don't see any signs of illness, but I don't know what else it could be? Should I attempt to reunite them all or just let them work it out? Thanks for any advice!
So sad that they would do that! ... sounds like bratty teenage girls! Hopefully they'll outgrow it. I haven't had that, but I have had a mean chick just get meaner the older it got!
Good luck with them!
I would try splitting the group temporarily - you'll need to watch to make sure things remain calm, but I would put one or two calmer ducklings in with the outcast. Then a couple days later, see if they all get along differently.

Also - if you can get a stool sample to a vet, have that checked out for anything unusual-looking, and do keep an eye on her...

But it could just be ducklings being knuckleheads.

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