help my eggs havent hatched


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Sep 1, 2013
i have a bantam who has been broody for about 22 days on the second day of noticing it we took the four eggs she had and marked the date of 21 days later which was 9-1-13 well its day 21 and she still hasnt had any hatch I took them one by one and candeled them and two of the original four seem to have something inside. one seems to also have an internal pip but i dont know what im supposed to do. I dont have an incubater or i would have taken them the first day and let her keep only one. now im afraid they wont hatch but i dont want to take them and be wrong what can i do?
So her eggs are on day 21? Sometimes eggs take longer to hatch they could be late hatcher that hatch on the 23rd or 25th day. I wouldn't candle them too often because exposing eggs the air outside of their mother hen will cause precious moisture to dry up which makes their chance of hatching drop a little. I would wait a few more days to see if they have hatched, if not then you could try assisted chick hatching:
so would it be best if i made an incubater and kept on eye on them because one has already had an internal pip i think
so should i make an incubater and put them in it to keep an eye in case they need help and yes it is day 21
she getsup but the other ones will lay on them if she does and im afraid they are gonna fight over them soon if she gets off to drink or even eat and they may get cracked. but she hasnt stopped wanting to be on them but hasnt been being aggresive if we open the coop but she was very aggresive yesterday
Is she nesting on a nesting box off the ground? You could separate her and put her in an extra coop, the garage, or inside your house if you are afraid that the other chickens could bother her.
she is in a nesting box but i dont have any where else to put her the one other place is where im keeping smaller chicks i had actually planned on seeing if she would take them and i take the eggs but she was aggresive towards it
so your saying i should leave her and the eggs and even if the chick has pipped their is nothing i can do

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