Help my little cockerel!


10 Years
May 2, 2009
The Redwoods of California
Merry is a dutch bantam roo, and he's something like three months old. A few weeks ago I noticed he was slow and sleepy. He eats, except he does these weird convulsions with his neck that I sometimes see the other chickens do to get food down. Also, he sometimes "vomits". When he puts his head down, a clear yellow goop falls from his mouth in a trail. I kept him in a crate for a couple days, but he wanted to get out. I let him out for some exercise, and he wandered all over the place, so I thought he was fine and I put him back with the others. A few weeks went by and there wasn't much difference. He doesn't seem to growing (his comb is still quite small while his brother Pippin's is enormous and he's already crowing). I checked him and he's extremely skinny. Now he's in his crate and he's eating a mixture of chicken feed (wet) with butter (to maybe fatten him up). It saddens me to see Merry so skinny and pathetic next to his healthy brother Pippin.

Any ideas?
Its sounds like it might be sour/ impacted crop... check out this link

Good Luck!


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