Help - My quail is not feeling well


Aug 15, 2016
Help - My quail is not feeling well

Hello everyone - This is my first post but before I ask my question, I just want to start by thanking everyone for the great info on this site and their contribution.

I have learnt a great deal from this website on keeping quails and have successfully done so for the last five years from my small backyard in London UK.

However, one of my quails which I hatched from my own quail eggs is acting strangely and I am not sure what it could be so am asking for some advice.

I have read TwoCrows article on "Quail Diseases, Health Issues and Keeping Your Quail Healthy" but this case was not on her list

I never had quails fall ill on me in my quail keeping years - They have died of natural death or eaten by foxes - so just don't know what to do for the poor guy.

I hatched 35 quails from 40 eggs five weeks ago and they are all kept in a large rabbit hutch on deep litter made up of a number of materials.

On week four, a number of quails were making squeaking noises and shaking their heads, then closing their eyes for a few seconds (as if they were going to fall asleep), then waking up and start to eat and drink.

Most of them recovered from doing this within few days as I started to add Apple Cider Vinegar in their water.

However one of the guy just has not recovered and it's getting worse. He has not put on any weight but is drinking and eating. Also his feathers are all fluffed up and he raises his head a lot and breaths and feels drowsy and shakes his head as he wakes up.

When I hold him it looks like he does not have the strength to keep his head up.

Any cure for this guy so shall I let him die a natural death

Thanks for all you help


Jul 9, 2015
Ontario, Canada
What was the bedding? The squeaking and head shaking is what happens when quail are exposed to vinegar or other "fumey" things and the gasping for air seems like it's lungs are compromised now, either due to damage from the bedding or maybe an illness?

My guesses :(

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