HELP my rooster is hurting my hens

chicken farmer8

6 Years
Jan 13, 2014
ok this all started when i came into the coop one day and one of my hens had a big bloody spot on her neck so i got a cage and put her in the cage while she could heal but when i let her out my rooster would chase her in till she would get real close to the ground to mate he would mate her sometimes but mostly he would peck her hard on the spot that just go all healed up and it is starting to get worse no he wont let her come outside or eat even if i close the door so she is the only one in the coop she still will not come down from the roost she is terrified of him why is he doing this is there any thing i can do? please help


Broody Magician
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11 Years
May 3, 2009
New Jersey
Every now and then there is a rooster who for some weird reason becomes 'hen aggressive'. It may be towards one hen in the flock at a time, but such roosters generally find a hen to pick at and may keep at it until she has been killed. If he were mine, he would have to go. There are too many good roosters to tolerate such abnormal behavior.

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