Help!! My rooster is still being mean to my hen

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    Feb 28, 2017
    My rooster is still being mean to my hen. If you want to know more information look at more of my forums. But now my hen will be perching around nighttime and the rooster will come on the perching like and peck her and attack her. She then will get down and sleep on the floor because she won't go into the bedding area because he goes in there and she's scared. What should I do? I now i should have more hens but since I can't, I can only have a limited amount of chickens. So should i get another a chick and let it grow up with them and mabye the rooster will chamge or should I get rid of the rooster. The hen has broken feathers because of goes he pecking at her. She is still standing on the table scared all day. HELP!! I don't know what to do .
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    Feb 15, 2017
    a crock pot will fix him.
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    Instead of starting a new thread each time with the same title, it helps to update your original theead with newer posts. That way we can see what others have already suggested. This is at least your 4th thread about the same rooster. I think you need to get rid of your rooster, or at least pen him where he won't keep on terrorizing and injuring this poor hen. Having 1 hen with 1 rooster usually doesn't work, but this guy sounds like he will be a porblem in any flock.
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    You know what you need to do. Thinking about it is harder than doing it.

    Good luck


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