Help my roosters waddle is being pecked at by hens and making it bleed


5 Years
Jan 21, 2015
Kingman AZ
HI all I need some help I just got home and the front of my Barred Rock roo was all bloody. It seems the hens at least the sexlink hens have decided to peck at his waddle which is very long. It bled a lot. Is there a way to stop the hens from doing that. If they keep it up he will bleed out. I moved him to a separate paddock for tonights. After I washed and blow dried him and put him back in with them they broke it open again. I might have to remove the sexlinks
I just had the same problem. I was so scared that my rooster would bleed out. I finally stopped the bleeding and put him in my basement for him to heal. I also need a answer.

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