help!! my Turkeys leg is not straight


May 15, 2015
3 weeks ago we purchased 4 turkeys from a local auction. For the first few weeks they were great but about a week ago I noticed one of them was "not right" he looked like he was leaNing and kept his head lowered. A few days later he started dragging his left leg! He is eating and drinking but I'm worried! I know very little about turkeys.

Someone told me they thought it was spraddle leg even though they have been on pine shavings and that I should hobble the legs. He has been like that for 3 days now and nothing is happening! Plus he is almost depressed. ... before he would try and move but now I get nothing! We put another baby on with him to keep him company (he is separated because they others were running him over) any suggestions or ideas of what it might be? I'm worried he is not eating and drinking enough since he is "depressed "!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated! !!!


12 Years
Jan 27, 2007
Place poult in palm of hand with legs suspended between your fingers. Use other hand to examine good leg (closes/opens toes when foot pad is touched, lowers/raises leg easily), compare the responses against those of affected foot/leg). When placed on bedding can poult even use affected leg to support itself on ankle (hock)?

Spraddle leg is difficult to treat even when caught immediately (best luck seems to be had by suspending poult in cup). If poult is unable to do anything but drag the leg, after this many days, I'd suggest putting it down.

We spent nearly three weeks treating a BBB poult for Spraddle Leg. He was starting to put on wt. and was no longer limping (and we'd managed to straighten its curled toes using "shoe" constructed of tape). When he was approaching 2.5 months of age he flew off the back deck with the chickens (no more than three feet off of ground). His bad leg collapsed on landing and he had to be put down.

Wish I could be more encouraging but, there it is.

Best of luck, regardless.

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