Help name my Welsummer rooster


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Sep 13, 2013
Victoria, Australia
Hi all
I'm a new member but just got my handsome boy and am looking for some suggestions on his name ???
We lost our last rooster to a fox after calling him nuggets ... Thinking a name non food related :)
Welsummer rooster huh? well since it's red you could call him ginger. Or be more subtle and name him Rupert (Ron from Harry Potter)
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Thanks everyone :D
I've decided to name them a little differently
After watching them for a few days, I'm naming them as characters from my favorite movie as a kid.
Rooster is little foot (the leader of the group)
Rhode Island Red hen ( cera the big bossy female)
My little Plymouth Rock pullet hen (Petrie runs rings around all the bigger ones and is a little cutie)
My 3 isa hens are (chomper a bit greedy and will chomp fingers, ducky a friendly quiet hen and ruby the friendly energetic hen)
Thank you everyone for all your great suggestions!!!
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