Help naming special needs Silkie


6 Years
Mar 13, 2013
Kersey, Pennsylvania
I ordered 8 silkie eggs from E-bay. At day 4 we had 4 blood rings. day 10 we had 2 early quitters and 1 clear. So 2 made it to lock down.

Day 18 we had 2 internal pips. Yesterday (day 20) we had a hatch! A lavender silkie. Cross over beak and no right eye...The other chick was no longer alive, But I carefully peeled away the shell just in case. And there was no movement. It piped through one of the veins on the membrane and bled out, poor baby, It also had a cross over beak. It was hard to see the eyes with wet silkie hair. So it seems the Ebay eggs should not be hatched out as they have genetic issues. But either way I have 1 beautiful silkie. Even though s/he is special needs. Any ideas of some names?

Oh, and she will be introduced to another lonely chick in another week after she grows some. Lucky out other lonely chick is the only one hwo made it out o 8 eggs and is a Speckled Sussex/ Red Sexlink. So being a standard chcik he is quite bigger than the silkie.

Pictures of Silkie: not sure if male or female yet. As with most all silkies wont know until s/he crows or lays an egg.

Oh I like Faith. The E-bay seller I contacted was so sorry kept apologizing and said he added a few Lavender hens to his flock so think they may be the ones carying the genetics so he is sending me 12 more eggs free of charge not including nay from the new hens.

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