help, need info about my hen


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8 Years
Oct 9, 2011
Help! Came home this afternoon and found my hen (barred rock) droopy and having a white and yellow discharge coming from her vent. I thought she might have an egg bound situation, she is
lethargic and didn't have any food in her crop so apparently she hasn't been eating either. I brought her in and gave her a warm sitz bath and cleaned her up, right now she is in a cat carrier
and I am wondering if what might be the problem and if there is anything I can do. When I cleaned her up I couldn't feel anything around her vent. Any help would be appreciated...thanks!!!


12 Years
Aug 21, 2009
Belding Michigan
could be coccidiosis, if you have other chickens they will all have to be treated. sulfadiethozine or corid are a couple meds that can be used.Get a fecal test done by a vet to make sure

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