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Oct 9, 2011
My hen (barred Rock) is acting droopy, sitting around and not eating, we came home from errands and found her with yellow whitish stuff on her rear end. She acted sluggist yesterday but I didn't think anything was wrong. I brought her in and put her in a warm
sitz bath and cleaned her up and at present time I have her in a cat carrier. Don't know what is happening or what I can do for her. any help would be appreciated. She has been a good layer in the past few months. I thought maybe she was egg bound but when I put her in the warm water I couldn't feel anything around her vent.
We lost the little hen last night. She did have labored breathing at the time we went to bed. Someone suggested she may have had coccidiosis. There was no way to get her checked during that
time last night. I am wondering if I should treat the other girls just to be sure. The rest of them seem just fine. Do you know how long it takes for that disease to show up in the other flock if
that was the problem. Don't know how much time I would have to treat the other ones. We live in the city so I would need to find someone that sells the medication.
It almost sounds more like Pullorum to me. Contact your county extension office and see if they can do a necropsy on the hen. If it is Pullorum, you really need to find out as quickly as possible. If you have another hen start with the same symptoms in the mean time it could get ugly quickly. Sorry to bring such bad news and I am very sorry you lost her. Unfortunately though we sometimes have to deal with things like these.

Edited for:If it was coccidiosis, you would have noticed blood in the droppings.....especially last night.
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I didnt notice any blood in her droppings. Did notice her feet pads were swollen though. Haven't introduced any new chicks or been around any others
Yellowish white stuff on her behind sounds like an broke inside her to me. Did she have a swollen abdomen area? Could have been internal laying. I wouldnt treat everyone for something your not sure about. If you use antibiotics and other meds when its not necessary you are creating another problem like resistant strains of bacteria. I would just keep an eye on them and if see anyone else acting funny then go from there.
Bamasilkies....thank you so much for easing my mind about my little girls. I just checked on them and they are doing fine. I thought maybe an egg had broken inside the one that died but
didn't know what to do about it. When I lived on the farm with my grandparents they had a huge flock of chickens and I was just too young to pay much attention to them so didn't even
know about some of the problems they can have....Happy New year to you and your critters....secondhand

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