Help Need Names For My Egg Laying Farm


10 Years
Oct 3, 2009
mesick michigan
I Am Starting A Small Flock Of Layers To Sell Eggs And Need Help With A Name For My Small Bussiness . I Live In Mid- Michigan,i Have 2 Sheep ,2 Goats And 3 Dogs And Two Cats.
And At Present 18 Hens And 20 More On Order . I Get 12-14 Eggs A Day . My Chicldern Have Come Up With The Never Ending Egg Factory,cluck And Crack,eggs For Les( Leslie Is My Name). I Need Some More Ideals, So If You Can Please Help Me Out
Thanks Leslie
I use smiling chicken eggs. Your far enough away so you could use it also
My wife and I are going through that too, we've tried coming up with a name for our farm for 2 years with no luck. I'll throw a couple here. Eggsite'n Farm (like Exciting ). Eggs ample (Example) More or Les eggs.
Li'l Friends Farm
Feathered Friends
Our Li'l Hen House

I used a TV series for my flock-"The Andy Griffith Show"
My coop is named: "the Chick-a-Roos of Mayberry" (since, I have hens & roos)
I used characters from the Andy Griffith show to name my chickens.

Good luck!
Since your menagerie is mostly 2 of each type, why not something w/ Noah and the Ark (not trying to preach!!) If not then something like "The Egg Place" or "Leslie's Egg Place" or do you need/want to accentuate the farming of other products? "Leslie's Farm Fresh" comes to mind... Just a thought.

Good luck!

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