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7 Years
May 19, 2012
my hen start incubating eggs for the first time. on day 1st, she incubate and leave the nest for approx an hour and again start incubating, the whole day she doing the same. but on day 2nd she incubating very nicely and properly. so tell me is it ok?? and one more thing, on day 1st she still laid an egg. is she hatch her own or i need to do something? and how she manage humidity? thx
i'm new here kindly reply me. sorry for bad english.

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It is perfectly normal for a broody to take a day or 2 to fully commit and the developing embryos are tough enough to handle the cool down periods. You will notice she'll continue to get up once or twice a day for a few minutes to eat, drink, have a quick dustbath and relieve herself. On hotter days she may stay off the nest for longer periods. Don't worry about the humidity. Hens moisten the eggs as needed and knows just when to, when to turn or rearrange the eggs etc. Remember this is completely natural for them, they instinctively know what to do. All you have to do is make sure there is food and water available when she needs it. Good luck with the hatch and enjoy!

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