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    Jun 4, 2014
    Tracy CA
    HI! I'm looking for some much needed information as to how & when I should move my flock. I recently split up with my boyfriend and I refuse to leave my Babies behind. Thankfully I have relocated to an amazing place with plenty of room. So, the issue is being a first time Mom, I've only had to bring them home. That was 7 months ago and they all fit in a small box. Now I have 6 full six girls and 1 Handsome Rooster. The coop is a manageable size, i was thinking I could lock them all inside and then have a few guys lift it in to the bed of my truck. we would then secure the coop. The drive would be 30 minutes top, all back country roads. Then what??? I'v heard they need to stay in the new run of at least three days..... any help would be most appreciated....
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    Jan 16, 2010
    I would do just as you said...move them in the coop. Just make sure that the coop is well secured in the truck, and don't go too fast. First thing in the morning would be my choice for moving time.
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    I would transport birds and coop seperate. All you need to transport birds that distance are cardboard boxes. For that length of time you don't even need air holes, etc, just the natural openings when you fold the top will be plenty. I'd just be too worried about the birds being in the coop in the bed of the truck, and then moving it on and off the rig.

    I'd leave them in their new run at least 3 days, and then just go on their behavior. If they're still nervous, making a lot of noise and looking for home, keep them contained for a while longer until they settle down nicely. Then let them free range, starting in the evening.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    Tracy CA
    Thanks for your advise. Im happy to say that the move went really well!! Since my flock is made up of only 6 birds, the coop was perfect for the move. That way they didnt have the added stress of being put in a box.... I was ready at sunset and when they all went un for the night i secures the doors locking them in. We then disassembled the run that had encased the coop, It didnt take long. Then a couple extra hands lifted the coop in to the bed of my truck. We secured the load & packed up all the material that had been the run. It was a 13 min back road country drive. Then it was just a simple rebuild of the enclosing run. I was so stoked that the next morning everyone was up & at it just like normal. Chickens got a little irritated by day three of lock down.. But they are free once again & happy to be home with me
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    Jan 18, 2014
    I'm glad it all went okay! I can't imagine!

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