Help! Need to raccoon proof a nesting box!


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Apr 5, 2014
This is our first year raising chicks (four - almost 3 weeks old) and the first time building a hen house. We got a small henhouse from Jax, thinking it will be ok since the hens will have a big run and we'll let them out in the yard for even more fun. But from reading reviews of the henhouse online, it appears that raccoons can quite easily pry off the floor of the elevated nest box and then kill the hens. I have finished putting the henhouse together with the exception of the nest box. Any ideas on how I can make it safer? I also plan to have a plywood floor connected to the house so critters can't dig under.
Maybe just place plywood over the bottom, like a second floor? A picture might help for finding a solution.

Here is a picture of how it should look when completed. I guess the raccoons just tear out the bottom of the nest box, even though it's elevated off the ground. My son said maybe put barbed wire all around it.
A hardware store should have fence staples. You want the small size that is pictured. I believe they are 1" long. Use needle nose pliers to hold them so you don't squish your fingers. They are knocked in with a hammer. That way they can't pull the wire off of the wood. With normal staples they likely could. The wire bottom will have a wood frame. Attach it to the bottom of the nesting box however they suggest. Then put wood glue all around it. You will be gluing the frame that the wire is on to the siding of the coop most likely.

You could also just not worry with the wire at all. Just cut a piece of plywood or shelving board to the dimensions of the frame and make it a solid floor, gluing it in as well. If you don't know anyone to cut it for you go to lowes or home depot and they will do it for a fee. I believe shelving board would be the cheapest option, either that or a pressure treated 1x6 deck board.

BTW I don't have that coop but it will be a lot sturdier with wood glue on every joint. I have pens and coops 30 years old that are still sturdy, it makes a big difference for the small investment of the glue.
Good luck.
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Thank you!! I will definitely use the wood glue. Home Depot is my new favorite store - I'm going to get some sturdier wood to make the nest box floor. Your suggestions are great!!

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