Help needed! Hen was attacked about 5 days ago - followed suggestions of peroxide and Neosporin need

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  1. jehnschicks

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    Dec 14, 2014
    Hello, I have a wound on my hen, at the top of her wing. It happened about 5 days ago. Located at the top of the wing and bone is exposed.I have been cleaning with peroxide and using Neosporin regularly,giving the wet look in the photo. She has been eating and I am keeping her separated in a box inside our home. This is my first go with a chicken injury. I only started raising hens 5 months ago. Any information to help me is greatly appreciated. Is this an injury that can heal with an exposed bone? We tried it see about sutures but there is no skin in this area. I am not sure if I should keep exposed or cover with a breathable self adhesive bandage or something?? Thanks for your advice in advance.:(
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    Jul 2, 2014
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    I had the same issue, when my hen was about 2 months old, she was attacked and the bone in her leg was exposed. I put Bacitracin on the wound every day (Neosporin is fine too) and it eventually healed. Just make sure you keep her separated from the other chickens, they will try to peck at the wound. I would also suggest putting a bandage over it so she can't mess with it as well. [​IMG] Hope she gets better soon
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    She may need a few stitches.

    If you use peroxide, I would make it 50/50. Slather with ointment. If it's to the bone, I would be at the vet.
  4. jehnschicks

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    Dec 14, 2014
    Thanks! It has been a few weeks and she is doing much better. Almost totally healed but now I am trying to re-introduce her to the flock and they are being mean and pecking. I put blue kote on the area but it does not seem to keep them from pecking at her, :(
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    She might need to stay separated until it's healed.

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    Since it's been quite a while since she's been with the flock just treat it like a new bird integration. Fence off an area in the run, or next to it, for her so they can get used to seeing her around again without being able to get to her. Then after a few days or a week maybe try putting one or two low ranking birds in with her and see how it goes. If that works out for a few days then add a couple more etc. until you've got her back in the flock. May just take some time and patience.

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