Help needed, is it Mareks

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  1. Zena

    Zena New Egg

    Mar 1, 2012
    Hi, I have just joined the site, we live in Northumberland, UK. I have a cockeral who has just started to behave differently.
    He is just under 4 years old.
    He is sitting outside with his feathers puffed up and doesn't look well at all. He is eating, can walk, his eyes look fine, but his comb has started to go blackish in the tips. He is not roosting at night, but sitting in one of the boxes in the coop.
    We have 2 other cockerals and 11 hens, they are all Bantams except for one of the hens who is larger, she was given to us, and I have no idea of the breed.
    Do we need to isolate the cockeral, or would it be best to cull him? If it is Mareks will the others get it. All help will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks, Zena

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