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    Apr 6, 2012
    This is my first post on BYC and I hope someone can help! Thanks in advance!

    What I actually need is someone that is willing to be my chicken guru here locally. I want someone willing to come to my place and check out my chickens and their housing and give advice. I will pay. I started with chickens at another place with an employee that was a poultry science major in college and raised hundreds of Bantam Rosecombs every year. He got me into it and took care of the chickens. We have both moved on and I have no way to talk to him anymore. Now my chickens are dying because I don't know how to properly care for them. I feel terrible!
    I have recently moved to a place with an existing chicken building. I lost one Rooster on Monday and now another Chicken appeared sick today. The Rooster had a horrible case of mites that I caught too late ( I saw the mites on sunday but noticed on friday evening that the Rooster wasn't acting right. The first thing I noticed was that he had totally drenched himself in water from his upright/auto waterer). I don't know if the mites got so bad because he had something else going on or if the mites made him as sick as he was. None of the others seem to have mites. I have researched BYC and done everything I could possibly do including seeing my vet with the Rooster before he died. I can't afford to take any more $20 chickens for a $100 vet visit but I don't feel competent in taking care of them.... :( I gave ivermectin to every chicken, except the chicks, as prescribed by the vet. (there are 10 hens, 2 roosters, 2 Cockerels, 6 pullets left), I gave them "Nutri Drench", sprayed them and the whole building with Permytherin, removed all bedding, cleaned up all poo, put Diatomacious Earth EVERYWHERE, added Sweet PDZ. I think it was Friday that I put Wyzine in their water. I plan on treating with Ivermectin and Permytherin in 2 weeks. Tonight I heard one hen wheezing while roosting. Other's combs seemed pale while they were roosting. There is something else going on other then mites (obviously).

    Please PM me with any contact information of someone able and willing to help.

    Thanks again!

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