Help Needed on Ways to Tell Genders of my Duckies:


Dec 15, 2018
Hello, I am in need of some help identifing the genders of my 4 baby ducklings. They are 4 weeks old and I do not feel comfortable trying the venting method... I was wondering if there were any physical differences between male and female ducklings at that age. I read somewhere about their legs and quack, but wanted to ask others to see what the valid method is. (Also, just out of side curioustiy, if anyone has any advice about how to tell the genders of turkies and chicks!:)) Thank you so much in advance!
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Unfortunately a 4 week old duck cannot be “identified” for a gender yet.
Send pics when they are about 2 weeks older I would say. Although some breeds can be told the gender of after day one, like the Golden 300 Hybrid. What breeds are yours?

What are their names?
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Thank you anyways, and I have a white crested, cayuga, buff, and a fawn & white runner! They are so sweet, and their names are Eclipse, Cotton, Coco, and Speedo!
Yes, Cotton is the crested and is the sweetheart of the bunch! I love those breeds two, my first ducks were a cayuga and buff, and they were so pretty when they were grown! And, yes, that is the cutest name!
By the time they are 6 weeks you should be able to accurately voice sex them. It will be obvious if you have at least one male and one female. Do a search on youtube for voice sexing ducklings and listen with the sound up on your computer. You should get some good videos.
Thank you! I had read that somewhere , but haven heard about the videos. I will look at those as soon as possible!:)
Besides the obvious voice also watch for a single or couple if curls in the tail, they are noticeable if your watching for it and sometimes alert ya before ya notice the change in their quacks, those will be drakes

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