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    Mar 23, 2015
    Limerick Ireland
    Hi all im new here but looking for some info and help i have 5 pekin bantams 2 cocks 3 hens i want them to breed but not sure what age they have to be, they started laying a couple of weeks ago i have seen the cock doing the bussiness with them few days ago but not sure are they old enough? and at night they wont sleep in hen house the sleep outside on top of it how do i get them to sleep on the perch in coop? as i live in ireland and the weather isnt very good here any help appriacted thanks. jason
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    Do you keep your cocks separate? you have too much cock for 3 hens. They are not liking the arrangement at all. Lock hens in the house for a few days to get them roosting. Keep cocks elsewhere and only let them breed once a week. Open a few eggs to check fertility, look for a bulls eye on the yolk.
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