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Mar 28, 2015
I have separated 2 out of 18 of my 3/4 day old chicks due to not eating,drinking or generally moving,one is particularly bad,it was pecked at its vent by the others on day 1 and hasn't recovered,I've dipped their beaks in the water several times and they have had a bit,but not interested in food,I've tried sugar water,there appears to be blood coming from ones vent not sure if due to the pecking,but they still keep pecking again even after scab fell off,hence why I have separated them,they can't stand up,they sort of shuffle on their bellys,I'm not sure if it's a genetic defect as it's two out of 3 lavender leghorn,they are also very very tiny,one more so, they both hatched normally,any advice would be appreciated,I don't have any pet shops local to me to get anything asap so I'm feeling helpless,it's breathing really really fast and making jurking movements and can't lift it's head and not making much noise and is just sleeping all day long and very lethargic,it's vent area is very wet looking and pulsing,with what just looks like liquid coming out from it
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Yes,I have them in a tub under the heat lamp,while the rest have the heat plate,I can't seem to get a picture to upload
You could try putting a little neosporin (without pain meds) or even a dab of honey on their bottom. It may not help, but I feel at this point if they're breathing heavy you have nothing to lose. Do you have bedding or a towel in the tub? (not trying to nit pick, but staying warm is very, very important especially when ill.)
Can you describe in a little more detail what their brooder set up is? Size of brooder? Temperature in the brooder? Do they have an area in the brooder where they can get away from the heat? Are you checking them for pasty butt?
Yes,there is plenty of padding in there with it,it can move away from the heat if it wishes as it a big tub but it seems comfortable just lying still,all of the others are happy under the heat lamp and sleep soundly,my brooder is a brand new 100 cm rabbit cage,with fine wood shavings all over the floor,water and food avaliable in the middle,heat lamp rests above the cage,and the heat plate is in there too which is on all day,but only supplies heat to the touch, I use the heat plate at night time as I don't like to leave the heat lamp over the metal cage over night as it gets the metal hot,they prefer the heat lamp heat, I successfully raised 8/8 chicks(now 6 weeks old) using this method with no problems,the other chicks are running around like chicks do and are very happy,no pasty butts
Edited to add that I put the tiny one back in with the others and I've just witnessed it eating,although it can't walk too well its taken itself to the food,so sugar water perked this one up a bit at least,but other one is still isolated and not moving much,just found it on its back and it didn't right itself
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It is standing it's own in there with the rest of them,but the other one isn't,it's allowing them to peck at it
They are still alive,pretty much the same as yesterday.although the tiny one is trying to stand now

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