Help needed to identify a few rescued chickens.


6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
Lake Elsinore, CA.
I rescued 5 chickens and a crappy coop at the last minute, just hours after buying our first 5 chicks. I'm really not sure what exact breeds these are. The lady didn't seem too sure about what she had.

I'm pretty sure these 4 are all hens.

This is Walter, (yes, he's the dumbass)

This is Mrs. Walter....I think she's a Mrs.
You rescued hens, the first 4 are hens, they kind of look like Easter Eggers (maybe Ameraucanas), think I see ear muffs(?) & the slate colored feet. Mr & Mrs Walter, can't make out the breed but looks like they got feathered feet, what color eggs she laying? They're lucky they got you, enjoy...

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