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My Drug of Choice- Chickens
11 Years
Dec 7, 2009
Hesperia, CA
I have a chick that hslf hatched and i helped him out. I had to open the bator earlier that dat, and his membrane had gotten stuck to him.
Now he is hatched, but he still has gunk all over him now dried. I bathed him in dawn, but it is still drying hard. any suggestions?
I had one like that and just let it go after rinsing it off and letting it dry. The gunk wore off in less than a week, but that was outside with a broody and other chicks. As long as it can move freely it should be OK, but you can continue bathing it if you want. Just be very careful that it does not get a chill.

I did remove all membrane. The sticky gunk that had the down plastered down is what I am talking about.
I got most of it off, I hope, and he willbe put under a broody tonight or tomorrow. This part of hatching.. the

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