help! nervous system? New Castle ? can not walk diareah dehydrated

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  1. vangela

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    Oct 14, 2009
    my little girl can hardly walk, sit and litterly hangs in there.
    her poo is a little better not as watery drinks little bit, very skinny, although put on a little bit more weight. Her neck looks lscarry thin. Wat worries me also, her movements, leg and wings sometimes seem lame or uncontrolable almost like spasms. Although she tries to get up more but when she sits so almost tumbles backwards.
    I read about Coccidiosis.
    last week I removed some manure and they got into it before I had a change to remove all. Also, our little ones seem to constant use their feet to scratch in the water,( puddles) I have the water regular container elivated. there are some puddles on our property after rainfall, they drink out .
    Today another hen seems to get sick too. same symptoms, watery diarehea and lethargic. So is there still hope? they are on sulphur drops ( vet) and the young ones look still ok.
    I will try to post some pictures. I give my very sick also a home made electrolide drink and cooked broccoli/ boiled egg and some yogurt and oats she loves most of the time.
    I keep her on a papertowel and removed the shavings so I can watch her output.
    It is a shame that we cannot seem to find a chicken specialist in our area.
    these little girls are our pets and breaks my heart. any good advise before the whole flock has to be put down? and if so how does one do that?
    Please help! I got some images but not sure if they are added to this message.
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    Sep 9, 2008
    Vangela, I'm not experienced enough to give you any advice, but I'm bumping you up. Hopefully someone with more experience can help.
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    Dec 21, 2007
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    have you done a good check of her crop for impaction?

    check under the waterers for mold.

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