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Apr 30, 2015
I changed heat lamps yesterday because the 250watt bulb was too hot for our plastic tote brooder. I got a 75watt bulb and the temp has been reading 90° but they are still huddled in the corner together on the side the light is on. We also lost a chick last night but she had been acting sick since we got her. We only have two left so I am terrified of losing the others!
Are you using an actual heat lamp light? I use that and have never had a problem with it melting my tote.
Yes an infrared heat lamp. The 250 watt worked but I had to raise it very high above the tote. It was trapping all the hot air in and getting too warm. So I was told a smaller bulb would be better.
I would use a thermometer to check the temperature in the brooder with the lamp on. How old are the chicks? I would also add some nutridrench, electrolytes or Bragg Apple cider vinegar to their water. Are they active or always huddled up together?
I would definitely add one of the things I mentioned to their water. I would go with the nutridrench or electrolytes but if all you have is ACV then that will work. My chicks are usually very rowdy and running around from the minute they hatch. Not sure where you go them from. if they were mail order then they may be stressed from the shipping.
I just added the brags ACV they were just up pecking the thermometer but now they're back in the corner sleeping. I lowered the light and watching the thermometer. They slept most of the day yesterday but were very rowdy last night
Chicks are perking up and loving the acv water thank you! They're still huddled together in the corner to sleep though. The temp is now a little over 90°. Are they just sleeping like that for comfort or warmth do you think?

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