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    Nov 12, 2009
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    My 9month old Dominicker just hatched one egg, now what, Do I seperate them from the others? ( 2 eastereggers, 2 comets, and 2 other domoniques) or should I just allow her to care for the little Chick? She seems to have very good mothering skills, but the nest is elevated in the coop. I'm glad I only allowed her to have one. I'm just now tring to introduse the 2 comets into the flock.
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    It was recommended to me to keep them separate for now. Mine are 4 weeks old. I bring one of the old gals out to the nursery yard... which is my backyard... for a few hours each day. I started this 4 days ago and only one issue. One of the chicks pecked at the lo' hens comb and she took offense, went after baby and Mama got to ol hen first. They did the whole stretch neck thing and chest poof stuff to get the point across. All is well. But I would keep them apart for a while.
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