HELP! New hova-bator incubator

Y master

Feb 5, 2018
Hi everyone! I'm trying to choose a hova-bator incubator but I don't know what one to get. I want to incubate chicken, duck, quail and possibly goose eggs. These three are the ones I'm trying to choose between:
Hova-Bator - 1622 Thermal air incubator

Hova-Bator - 2365 Circulated air
Hova-Bator - 1585A TurboFan incubator (with picture window)

Does anyone have any experience with these incubators and which one is the best?


Rose Quartz

Mar 18, 2018
East Hants N.S. Canada
I have the 1602n as well, though mine came with a built in fan. I also have the auto-turner. Temps were good out of box readout was 100.2F internal was (99.8F - 98.8F) . I had a 1 degree variance inside from left side to right side, oddly it was colder near the tuner motor.

My hatch rate was ok. 6/12 and 8/12 (the higher hatch rate spent a few days in my home made) I actually had better success in my homemade incu, but the auto-turner was what made me switch.

I looked into alterations people have made to get better hatch rates and the most recommended was to widen the ventilation holes. I intend to try that this coming year. also using jar lids to lift the incubator up off the surface that it's sitting on, for added air access.

I have only tried it with chicken eggs.

Over all, it was a set it and forget it experience, compared to my home made incu. Just for that it was worth it to me.

Shadow Source

May 25, 2018
Central Oregon
I also have a 1602n incubator, and a little giant incubator. I will say little giant incubators are slightly better (In my opinion) compared to the 1602n. But if you want a hova bator and not want to spend a lot of money, I would choose the 1602n. But today I just got a little giant incubator, brand new with a fan for $62.29! And it seems to be working great. It has bad reviews on amazon only because only 2 people have reviewed it. Here is a link to it on amazon.
I stuck a thermometer into the incubator, and it seemed to match up with what the incubator was reading. Hopefully this helped!:D


6 Years
Apr 13, 2016
North-Central IL
Any of the HovaBators will work well if you learn how to work with them. I would choose a HovaBator over a Little Giant any day, the LG's eventually have trouble with the electronics.

Personally, I use the 1602n because I want the wafer thermostat. Most people really want digital, you can choose that if you want. But do get the yellow upright egg turner and rails and do get the fan. If you end up buying the 1602n with the wafer, get ahold of me and I can walk you through setting it up; you need to run it dry for about a week and turn it up and down to "stretch" the wafer initially.

Compost King

Free Ranging
Apr 19, 2018
Salisbury, North Carolina
Digital is great when you first get it, but from my experience with electronics, they do not last long. Sometimes I believe it's intentionally done to make you buy more. Although I never had electronics in an incubator to say its that way with any specific product... just electronics in general seem to rigged to not last long. I am glad I ended up with a that wafer thermostat which I hated at first but have learned to love once I figured out how it worked.. or rather stumbled across how to work it correctly.

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