HELP! new lethargic behavior

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    My 2 year old barred rock has always been the curious one. If I'm lifting garden pots or digging soil, she's always the first one there to pick up any bugs or worms hiding underneath. If I'm feeding the flock, she's always the first one to run towards the food. For the last two days, she has not been herself. Her eggs have always been on the "softer" side, actual eggs but you can tell that the're not as strong, with the occasional soft shelled eggs. And the last two days, some of her poop are egg-like poop with some bright green poop as well. She's been standing in the corner and closing her eyes at times. I'm starting to worry!! Please help! Does anyone have any suggestion on what I should do???
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    Here is what I do, I pick her up and if she feels Light I put her by herself----see if she is eating and drinking some----if so I worm her. If her weight feels ok I still put her by herself and Give her 1ml of tylan50 in the back of the mouth/oral(holding her head back some and watch her swallow) for 3 days. Most all the time one or both of those methods work. I keep her away from the other chickens for atleast 2 full weeks and discard any eggs---if she was to lay some. Some times a chicken can have other problems, some times one dies. "MY" chicken are not my pets so I do not invest $100's trying to save one by taking it to the vet---that's your call. If nothing I have done seems to help I cull BUT I rarely have to. I have had then get so week and had to hand feed them with a syringe--a warm liquid feed I stir up(ask if you want). I have had as many as 1232 chickens at one time and rarely loose one, but with that many having to Doctor one happens.
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    These could be signs that she is suffering from internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis. I would give some extra calcium in crushed eggs shells or oyster shell for free feeding, but there could also be problems with her shell gland that is causing the thin shells. Vitamin D plus the calcium can help, so a poultry vitamin added to the water may help. EYP is very common in hens 2 and older, and does not have a good outcome usually even when given antibiotics. If you have a vet that can see her, it might help, but I would basically try to make her as comfortable as possible.I would make sure that she is taking her feed, give her some egg or tuna in water for treats, and a tsp of plain yogurt daily for probiotics and calcium.
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