HELP! Newbie with a sick girl


6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
One of our largest hens was just laying on the ground with the others picking on her so I went over to shoo them away. Well, she didn't move. Just laid there. I scooped her up with no objections. I immediately put her in a milk crate with hay and set out to empty the coop of all hay and replaced with fresh. We have had one of the 6 hens laying a blue/green egg every other day for about 3 weeks until 5 days ago. The last egg laid had a rough place on the end that was white, like calcium build up. We thought the Easter Egger was the one laying those but it made me wonder if maybe it was this girl. I had seen recently about hens getting egg bound so I followed a tutorial on youtube. Gave her an Epsom salts spa soak for 30 minutes which she seemed to be ok with. She just sat there in the water. I followed that with a syringe of olive oil in the vent. That was weird because on the videos the vent was easy to find. My girls wasn't. And it was very small in comparison to the 3 videos I watched. It has been about 5 hours since the "procedure" and she doesn't seem any better. We have her in a large rubbermaid tote (almost the size of our bathtub) filled with hay. I'm just wondering if it's something else and if it so, what?? Any thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated. And I'm sorry it's so wordy. BTW, her name is Stormageddon Dark Lord of All...Stormy for short.

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