Help - no egg layers?


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
I have 10 hens (4 brown leg horn, 3 bantam, 1 sexlink, 1 cochrin, 1 mystery hen) and they are 24 weeks old and none of them are laying

I've been giving them laying feed, we have 4 roosters even though I know you don't need roosters to get egss.

I really don't expect alot of egg layen to go on right now but I would have expected atleast one egg by now.

Anything I can do?

Hi Susan

What is your setup? Is it possible your hens are laying outdoors in places where you don't see them? Have you found any 'practice eggs' that look like fine sandpaper without a filling? Have you spoken to the people who supplied the birds for guidelines to when they typically begin to lay?

I'm sure people will come in to review your situation...
It's not unusual for chickens to not be laying at 24 weeks but if they're not they should be close. As LynneP said without knowing if they are penned or allowed to freerange it is hard to offer suggestions. Have you noticed their comb & wattles becoming bright red? This happens when they are laying.
They have a HUGE run that they are in now. We had them free ranging 1/2 day but decided to keep them up for the past 3 weeks due to some construction we had going on around the house. Their combs are red so maybe any day now?

I received most of them from MM and the others I got from a chicken trade show. the ones from MM were hatched on April 1st I know for sure, the ones from the tradeshow we are just kinda guessing their age.

We haven'd seen any practice eggs either.

That's encouraging because you're in a position to observe them closely. They'll get quite loud before they start laying and pecking order issues will be evident. PLEASE let us know when you get that first egg! Oh and Susan, that's a lot of roos for the 10 girls. Will you be rehoming some or separating them?
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It's funny because the kids and I all run out to the coop each evening after school and check each box. I just know the day we find one will be "the best day ever" as my 7 year old would put it.

I was also wondering if we should be buying something to supplement since they can't go out into the driveway and eat peebles now? I read in a magazine about oyster shells, etc. ?? Should I be getting them that? I am buying them Laying feed, scratch feed and they get misc stuff from the house.


(I'm sorry, I am new to this forum and have alot of questions!!)

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